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PWT President Inducted into Colorado’s Women’s Hall of Fame

Pacific Western Technologies co-founder and Board Chair, Ding-Wen Hsu, has been selected to be honored in Colorado’s Women’s Hall of Fame for her work as a business leader and her multi-cultural community support in Colorado. Ms. Hsu shares this honor with a number of notable Colorado women including Molly Brown and Mamie Eisenhower. This honor is given to recognize diverse accomplishments that include leadership, entrepreneurism, humanitarian advocacy, and artistry.

Hsu’s work includes co-founding the International Multi-Cultural Institute that exists to promote harmony, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, combat community deterioration, and defend human and civil rights. As part of her passion for community work, Ms. Hsu also created the two-day Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, an inclusive celebration of Asian culture through visual, culinary and performing arts.

Ms. Hsu and her husband, Dr. Tai-Dan Hsu, co-founder and CEO of PWT, are both strong supporters of cultural diversity, opportunity, and education. They work to share these principles with all those touched by their business and in the expansion of their inclusive community.

EQCC Award Presentation to PWT

Mr. Bill Pancake of Pacific Western Technologies, Ltd and Colonel John D. Keenan, Deputy Garrison Commander at Fort Carson, Colorado

Award for Excellence presentation made to Mr. Bill Pancake of Pacific Western Technologies, Ltd by Colonel John D. Keenan, Deputy Garrison Commander at Fort Carson, Colorado on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at the Environmental Quality Control Committee quarterly meeting.

“Mr. John William (Bill) Pancake of PWT, Ltd. had just taken over as the new Facility Manager of the HMCC. He had several tasks ahead of him to become compliant with Federal and Local environmental regulations.
These tasks would normally require numerous funds to accomplish however, Mr. Pancake accomplished this through a total revamping of his supply warehouse and system of conducting business.
Within 60 days, Mr. Pancake was able to become completely compliant with the required Federal and Local regulations without the use of any additional funds.
Soldiers have been immensely satisfied with the better customer service and layout of the establishment. His actions have reduced the wait time for units picking up products, reduced the imminent environmental impacts in case of a spill, and created a sustainable workable environment for his employees. He has also become more accountable for the products in stock and free issue.
He has shown that a business can operate successfully, when done right the first time”.
Mr. Brad Camp, Directorate of Public Works, Environmental Division Support Branch Chief, Fort Carson, Colorado