Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

PWT provided environmental management, quality assurance, safety and industrial hygiene, real property management, maintenance engineering, data management, and CADD support services as a part of the team selected to operate the Cheyenne Mountain complex (home to NORAD) for the U.S. Space Command.

PWT participated in both internal and external ECAMP/ ESOHCAMPs at Cheyenne Mountain. The number of findings declined both in severity and scope during the contract and there were no repeat trends or findings. The AFSPC Team Chief for the first ESOHCAMP conducted in AFSPC, commended the team for the status of the program at Cheyenne Mountain and stated that it established the standard for the command.

PWT also developed a Facility Managers (FM) Program to provide better service to customers by effective communication through a single-point of contact to ensure support the mission, maintain the facilities, develop and implement programs to improve the work environment for the CMAFS community.  FMs inspect the overall condition of facilities in their organization, identify and submit work requests for their facilities.  This program provides another set of eyes in facilities, especially those restricted areas where access is difficult.  Our Customer Service Unit met with each FM on a regular schedule to review the status of work requests to validate the requirements and priorities to ensure that we are providing the right services at the required time.

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