Denver Federal Center- RCRA Cleanup

Lakewood, Colorado:

The Denver Federal Center (DFC) campus is located on a square-mile, former WWII ordnance plant. Asbestos-containing soil contamination was discovered during onsite construction. PWT was called in for an emergency site evaluation when it was found that the asbestos had been inappropriately handled and disposed of by a contractor, spreading the contaminated soil throughout the site.

As the prime contractor and authority to create policy for this General Services Administration (GSA) contract, PWT stepped in to coordinate and negotiate meetings with the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE). PWT determined the aerial extent of the contamination, directed appropriate handling and disposal efforts, and then developed a mechanism for institutional controls at the DFC that continue to allow GSA to use an industrial land-use scenario when calculating risks-based cleanup action levels. The timeliness and effectiveness of PWT’s operational activities averted potential CDPHE fines and saved GSA more than $1.25 million in construction costs.

This contract is ongoing in a “maintenance” phase for which PWT has been awarded a follow-on sole source contract and has received “outstanding” reviews in all categories.

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