PCE Groundwater Treatment

Bountiful, Utah

A migrating plume of Perchloroethylene (PCE) from a dry cleaning business in Bountiful, Utah contaminated groundwater, affected residents and livestock, and necessitated an EPA remedial action. PWT designed an innovative remedial  groundwater treatment system to address the contamination that reduced physical impact, improved operating efficiency, and reduced costs.

As part of the unique design, PWT incorporated pipe-hole boring techniques that eliminated the physical impacts of surface soil removal consistent with traditional trenching techniques for piping installation. In order to keep bentonite mud from contaminating the surrounding aquifer, PWT used sonic drilling. The sonic drilling technique had the added value of eliminating the need for geophysical logging since direct logging of geological data could be performed. This made the process more efficient since tertiary steps and the indirect geophysical logging methods were able to be eliminated. PWT also engineered a safe and effective alternative to double containment piping, saving about 20% of the total project cost.

All work on this RAC2 project was performed on time, within budget, and we are proud to state that the EPA team rated PWT with “Excellent” performance ratings in all service areas on the prime contract.